BPM Saves Time

In any organisation ‘Time’ is the biggest, most easily perceivable currency. Time can make or break a business project. Faster Turn Around Time (TAT) is essential for customer retention and getting repeat business. Even employee satisfaction and stress-levels are also directly connected to time, or rather, the lack of it. Time directly translates to lower operational costs and higher profits earned.

Eliminating operational road-blocks and faster speed can only be achieved through Total Internal Transformation; bringing disparate processes, departments and activities under one single digital roof. Sysboon’s Business Process Management (BPM) lets you streamline each activity within the organisation, from vendor on-boarding to handling customer grievances and much much more


Do you face these problems?


Lost documents, forgotten tasks, overlooked items costing you dearly

  • Manually completing tasks, especially repetitive ones can be tiresome and are the number 1 cause for delays and errors

Unconnected Data across departments

  • Is getting the updated list of current customers from Sales Department taking too long? Does leave and salary processing take more than a business day?

Overworked employees.

  • You have adequate team strength but they are worn thin due to the time-consuming nature of the work

How BPM facilitates Total Internal Transformation

Sysboon’s BPM goes the extra mile organising each Business Activity by improving the understanding of each business process’s interrelationship

It can automate business activities without human involvement and assist your company’s employees perform activities faster and better.

Superior usability lies in the core of Sysboon’s BPM, ensuring that people and Information Systems play well together and your company reaches in an efficient and effective manner.

Sysboon’s BPM allows repeated analysis, improvement and enactment of Business Processes until perfect synergy between each user and IT is achieved