Axle Logistics Management

Comprehensive Mobility Solution For Logistics & Transportation Management

Manage. Optimize. Take Control.

Axle brings together end-customers, transportation providers and delivery vehicle drivers all into the same platform to provide you the much needed control over your logistics channel. Using Axle you can ensure accuracy, speed and the lowest rates to your customers every time.

Axle comprises of:

  • Native Customer Mobile Application.
  • Driver Mobile Application.
  • Transportation Provide Mobile Application.
  • Cockpit Web Application.

Axle in Action: Transforming Logistics and delivery operations using mobility solutions.

Customer books pick-up and Drop.
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Proffer to transportation providers, manage bookings, and check status from a single window.
Transportation provider makes counter offer, assigns driver.
Driver receives information and jumps into action.

How Can Axle Help You?


Boost Business

  • Provide the lowest most competitive rates to your customers.
  • Get the lowest rates from transportation providers by means of reverse auction.
  • Optimize all channels throughout the transportation lifecycle.

Gain Complete Visibility

  • View new bookings, shipping status and vehicle details at the touch of a button.
  • Get a single window preview of all your transportation providers and other associates.
  • Receive and provide SMS and in-app alerts.

Mobility Mobilized

  • Dedicated mobile applications for customers, associates and members.
  • Keep track of shipments on the move..

Augment Your Business

  • Improve operational accuracy, ensure assured on-time delivery and significantly decrease transportation costs.
  • Exceed customer expectation, improve customer service, and ultimately maximize profitability.